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Kalij Pheasant

Its not only you who blend in with environment and sit silent, waiting for birds and thinking that you are not being seen, you better think again…! This is just one of the many experiences where I found myself totally amazed by the watchful eyes looking directly at me through the dense foliage. This time …

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Fat Tailed Gecko.

Fat-tailed Gecko Salt Range. Punjab. Pakistan Credit goes to Mr. Rafaqat Masroor of PMNH who saw this beauty at Jahlar Lake and gave me the opportunity of taking some pictures. This poor species is under threat due to illegal export to Europe and other countries and people keep it as a pet. 

Another Sunset at Mangla

There are some moments in life which mind cannot forget at all. I met with this creature of ALLAH at Mangla Lake and it revealed a philosophy of life to me that Nothing can exist as alone but only and only the Omnipotent Creator of this Universe – ALLAH