Markhor Tours

Ghulam Rasool

Since early childhood, spending quiet moments and exploring nature has been my love and passion which ultimately led me to develop into a person who is more than just being a photographer. I have always been in search of the sacred moment when soul finds its connection with the nature and only when feeling is “one” with the moment, I take the shot.
For me Photography is not just about taking pictures but a way to express, share and communicate my observations, feelings and emotions. Breaking the rules and carving out a niche in nature photography in general and wildlife art in particular, is something that I have managed to accomplish.
Traveling to far off places has helped me to contemplate, explore and share the same with the world. In any form of the art, the motivation of the artist reflects upon his spirit. My work clearly shows a strong and deep rooted component of Nature Spirituality.


Markhor Tours being a brand name of Ghulam Rasool Travel offers specialized and safe bespoke tours to Pakistan.

“Pictures have always been the doorway to the imagination where one instantly feel the same atmosphere recreated around us and become the part of the whole experience. Having traveled extensively for more than 20 years, Ghulam Rasool has first-hand knowledge of those immensely beautiful locations perfect for photography which remain elusive from the common eye and truly blissful experience for the senses. Travelling with Markhor Tours means that you are guaranteed to have, not only an amazing and safe travel experience but also learn to appreciate beauty from an artist’s perspective and learn photography on these locations as well. This tour will help you to develop skills, make memories and then cherish those moments for the rest of your life”